Walkie Talkies Rental

We have hundreds of professional-quality, full-powered 16 channel walkie-talkie radios available for rent. Together with a wide range of earpiece/microphones and speaker-mic available for these radios, as well as leather cases with neck-straps for easy carrying. We also have compact 8-slot charger units available, so that the Customers can easily re-charge their rented walkies.

With MOTOPRO1’s Rental Service, your event co-ordination becomes simpler because:

* We will provide all the handsets that you need.
* Users can be all over Malaysia (Where MOTOPRO1 has Coverage)
* Unlimited groups call
* Unlimited 1-to-1 calls
* Privacy and Clarity


MOTOPRO1 has been the preferred supplier of Walkie Talkie Rental Service for all type of event co-ordination in Malaysia.